Let us make this event ticket free if you want, but is it fair for the limited seats of 300 audience who might be the part of this Metaverse History to be written for the 1st Tribute Event to the greatest Sidhu Moose Wala?
Some people do think that Koopverse and team are manipulating, and it will be the NO SHOW. Trust us, we are the koopers’ community and we have already initiated the development process of our Metaverse (VR / AR) Arena specifically for this event from the first day since the teaser was released.
We are the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and promoting with real use case development of Metaverse (VR / AR) environments & ecosystem and Blockchain. The other features of selling the tickets at https://koopverse.events are as follows
  • - TRANSPARENT - All of the tickets’ sales are through BNB (cryptocurrency) through the decentralized connected wallet mechanism, so there is no company involvement and manipulation.
  • - SECURE – Due to the use of Blockchain, it is much more secure as compared to other legacy systems.
  • - TRACE – The best part, EACH and every ticket sale transaction is traceable and can be tracked on blockchain and, any person or authority can easily audit or trace them.
  • - IMMUTABLE – EACH and every ticket sale transaction is broadcasted and distributed to several systems that cannot be changed by any of the company or other authority

CONCLUSION: We (KOOPVERSE) are very clear in our INTENTION that we will make this event happen and it will be LIVE on 29-05-2023 at KOOPVerse Arena (Online / Virtual) with our sponsors and team efforts, and it will be happening every year on same date to remember the Legend, and it is privilege for all of us that the Sidhu Moose Wala is the first artist globally, to receive the latest tech Metaverse tribute. Suggestions are welcome and concern people can interact with us at info@koopverse.com